Critical Incident Response, Consultation, and Training

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About Dr. Gary Brown

Honors & Awards
  • Los Angeles City Council - Long Scroll Commendation for Commitment to Community Service, 2017
  • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department - Shooting Massacre Response, Letter of Recommendation, 2017
  • Presented with commendation from the Mayor of Los Angeles, 2015
  • Recipient of Making the Difference Award from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, 2011
  • Fellow, American Association of Experts in Traumatic Stress, 2010
  • Commendation presented by the Mayor of Los Angeles, for ongoing service to the Department of Homeland Security, Crisis Response Team, 2008
  • Honored with designation of Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association, 2008
  • Awarded Distinguished Service Medal honoring ten years of service to the hospital staff, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, 2006
  • NASA Letter of Appreciation, Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy, Dryden Flight Center, Edwards Air Force Base, 2003
  • Salvation Army, Letter of Commendation for on-scene relief efforts at ground zero of World Trade Center Attacks, 2001
  • Alaska Airlines commendation, Flight 261, Los Angeles, 2000
  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Friend of Nursing Award, 2000
  • Fire Chief Engineer, City of Los Angeles Fire Department, Letter of Commendation, 2000
  • Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Scroll Presentation for Life Saving Efforts, 1999
  • Department of Defense Commendation and Award from U.S. Army 63rd. Combat Support Unit, 1999
  • Jewish Community Centers, Letter of Appreciation, North Valley Community Center shootings, 1999
  • Award and Commendation for Distinguished Service to the Emergency Response Community, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, 1998
  • Torrance Fire Department, Letter of Commendation, 1998
  • Mayor’s Award in honor of his Exceptional Commitment to Community Service, Culver City, CA, 1998
  • Department of the Army, Letter of Appreciation for Disaster Preparedness Trainings, 1997
  • Emergency Department, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Letter of Commendation, 1997
  • Certificate of Appreciation, ARC, Ventura County, 1996
  • Commendation, Project Homeland, Oklahoma City Bombing, 1995
  • Commendation from the United States Department of the Interior, BLM, South Canyon Fire, Glenwood Springs, CO, 1994
  • Letter of Appreciation, Social Security Administration, Northridge Earthquake, 1994
  • Governor’s Office of Emergency Preparedness, Urban Search and Rescue Division, Letter of Commendation, 1993
  • American Red Cross, commendation for responses to multiple incidents, 1993
  • Letter of Commendation, BOC Corporation, 1992
  • Commendation from Los Angeles City Fire Department, LA Riots, 1992
  • Department of Forestry, Letter of Commendation, Landers Earthquake, 1992