Critical Incident Response, Consultation, and Training

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Crisis Response

Basic Definition
Quite often when a critical incident has occurred it is obvious that people are so impacted that it is clear that they need support. They are displaying some overt signs and symptoms outlined in What To Look For and their ability to function has or may become compromised. In addition, people may - either directly or indirectly – verbally or non-verbally, be expressing a need, a desire for and willingness to accept help and support. It is at this moment that a crisis response should be initiated.

There are also those times when the need may not be clear. There may have been a dramatic event and it may not be clear what the degree of the impact is. The key here in making a determination as to whether or not you have had a critical incident is not so much based upon the event itself, but is really dependent upon how people are RESPONDING to the event.

So, if you want to know if it is desirable to initiate crisis intervention, simply ask if the degree of emotional response is such that just one person has been impacted. If so, you have had a critical incident. Crisis intervention services may be helpful. Further, if one person is impacted, chances are others are impacted as well.

If you are uncertain, click here to review the services I offer, or simply contact me and I will help you assess how your people have been impacted. Then, we can begin to determine what services might be appropriate for them.

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