Critical Incident Response, Consultation, and Training

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Critical Incidents

HR / Employee Assistance Programs
Many mid to large size organizations – business and government – utilize internal or external Employee Assistance Programs to support their employees with various work and life matters. The increasing utilization of EAPs for crisis intervention has been a trend for many years.

I am a consultant for numerous EAPs and serve as a consultant, responder, and educator for these organizations to help prepare them to deliver a high level of crisis intervention services to their clients. Typical areas of concentration include:

  • Role of EAP in a Crisis
  • Promotion of Resilience and Recovery
  • Specific Workplace-Based Risk Assessments
  • Early Intervention Strategies
  • Principles of crisis intervention
  • Organizational Consultation
  • Pre-Incident Planning
  • On-Scene Support
  • Post-Incident Support
  • Self-Care for EAP Staff
  • Current Trends and Best Practices

The primary focus involves education as a strategy to both prepare for all-hazard situations that EAPs may be asked to respond to.