Critical Incident Response, Consultation, and Training

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Critical Incidents

Entertainment Industry
One of the more overlooked areas related to the impact of critical incidents is the entertainment industry. Traumatic incidents have had a tremendous and costly impact on production crews. Left ignored, the impact of a traumatic incident can and has halted a project and in some instances, permanently and sometimes needlessly ended production. The human and financial costs of this can be great.
Here is a list of critical incidents that have occurred during pre-production, production, and post-production:
  • Serious injury or illness of entertainer prior to or during production
  • Death of entertainer prior to or during production
  • Serious injury or illness of production companies
  • Death of a crew member
  • Serious injury or death of stunt personnel
  • Suicide of a crew member
  • Catastrophic equipment failures resulting in injury/death, or significant delay in production
  • OSHA investigation
  • Security breaches with serious consequences
  • Assaults on employees
  • Know the employee
  • Identifying with the employee
  • Employee is similar in gender, age, or appearance to you or a loved one
  • Multiple traumas within a short period of time at a production studio
  • Prolonged resuscitation with negative outcomes
  • Dealing with hysterical and excessively demanding employees
  • Any incident that has compromised or could compromise one or more person’s ability to function
Note: If you are not certain if you or an employee in your production team has been exposed to a critical incident, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Brown for a telephone consult. He will help you assess the incident to determine what response might be appropriate.