Critical Incident Response, Consultation, and Training

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Critical Incidents

Impact of Terrorism
Due to the recent increasing number of foreign and domestic-based acts of terrorism in the United States, I have created a new section dedicated to this specific area of trauma.

It is important to understand what the purpose of terrorism. Whether these acts are carried out in Boston, Chattanooga, Fort Hood, Merced, or San Bernardino, the impact can be devastating for survivors, their families, first responders, the healthcare system, local, state, and federal governments, disaster relief agencies, and anyone who lives in the area or identifies with victims and survivors.

Most recently, the attacks in San Bernardino have had a widespread impact on the entire citizenry to such a degree, that it has changed the tone and focus of the 2016 elections.

This was followed by a potential threat to the Los Angeles Unified School District which resulted in the closing of the second largest school district in the nation. It is important to remember that people in your organization may be significantly impacted even though they are not the objects of a specific attack.

Just the threat of this type of attack is, in and of itself, terrifying to contemplate and may – even as you read this - be impacting the ability of some of your employees to function at work and/or at home. There are specific tactics and strategies that I may be able to help you with to mitigate some of the impact. This can help with moral, team building, and psychological preparedness.